Artisan Mixed Fruit Package

We emphasize on flavor, quality, timeliness and most importantly; the freshness of our fruits when it gets to you.

On top o' that, none other delivers same pleasure as seeing your beautiful produce beautifully wrapped and when the packaging gets peeled, and the fruits are gleaming before your every eyes, and you just can't wait to savour the plump, the crunch, the crisp and the supple-juiciness of each fruit.

Order artisan fruit boxes from this list anytime before 4PM and you can get it the next day (or the next working day, check package description).

'the next day' references the minimum processing time for the fruits to reach your doorstep. All you need to know is, give us 1 day and the fruits will be ready, you can always order fruit boxes from this list now and have it delivered at a later time of next week or even next month!

If you're unsure about anything at all, chat with us at the blue chat box on the bottom right of the page, hit us up!